5 tips on how to stop anxiety in 5 minutes.

Everyone suffers from anxiety now and then. A big test, a first date, job interviews…the list goes on. However, for some people the feeling you get when your boss says “we need to talk” is the same feeling they get doing everyday normal things. This is when anxiety becomes what we call disordered.

So now I will give you 5 tips on how to stop anxiety in 5 minutes. Try these out, and remember that for anxiety to get better, you must be an active participant in the process.

Number 1.

Body language

Often when we’re feeling anxious, we don’t mind our body language. Your brain picks up on this and creates a loop. For example, if you clench your fists long enough, you may feel angry. The same holds true with anxiety. So stand up straight, and try to have a relaxed posture. Be mindful of how stress can affect your posture, and relax those areas.

Number 2


Grounding is an incredibly simple exercise I use with clients a lot as it gets us out of our heads. Here’s one way to do it. Wherever you are, notice 5 things for each of the senses. 5 things you see, hear, touch etc. I usually stick with just one or two things you can taste or smell. It’s frankly amazing to see how quickly this simple exercise works!

Number 3

Come to your senses

Many people find certain scents to be soothing. Try experimenting with essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, and other scents have some anxiolytic (fancy word for anti-anxiety) properties, and can be found pretty inexpensively.

Number 4


Often, a good workout will help us get rid of some anxious energy. It can help focus the mind, and can give the body that much needed time to rest afterwards. Something anxiety often blocks. I highly recommend walking to clients, but really try anything that works for you!

Number 5


I have found that for most clients, the suffering in anxiety is due to the resistance to it and the overwhelming sensation of not wanting to feel that way. This is completely understandable! One exercise I use with clients is to sit still for five minutes and accept however you might be feeling. Anxious? Ok! Nobody has died strictly due to anxiety. It will be ok, accept you’re feeling that way for five minutes only. After five minutes, go back to feeling however you like. But my hunch is you’ll feel less anxious!

I’d love to hear your feedback on this 5 tips for stopping anxiety in under 5 minutes. Leave a comment!

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